Jill Amber Green is a Hollywood actress in the middle of contract negotiations with her movie studio. With her career struggling, her starring in major motion pictures could be coming to an end. The night before the signing of her new contract, Jill decides to answer a very harsh email from a know it all fan saying he had all the answers to save her career, if she has the time to have a quick chat with him. Intrigued, Jill answered the man’s email by sending the know it all fan an email of her own.
John William Davis is that know it all fan who sent Jill the email. While having his own struggles with writer’s block on his next book, John takes some advice from his publisher to get out of the house for the day to clear his head;then come home and try start writing again. After seeing one of Jill’s latest movies, John gets an idea to write a different kind of book. Instead of another action/adventure novel, he decided to write a book about the fashion industry;something for which Jill has a passion for and had never portrayed in one of her movies. After finishing the book, John sent the email to Jill hoping to get a response from her before she signs her new contract. Then he could put his full plan in motion with them working together to restore her career and maybe improve it along the way.
A message from the author.
This book is written in a writer’s point of view instead of character’s point of view. Being fiction, it should not matter how a story is told if the reader can follow and enjoy the journey while reading it. I believe sometimes it is a good thing to read something from a different perspective. Even if book publishers and their editors do not agree with my opinion. If you as a reader can believe that two people can find each other at the most opportune time in their lives and later have a difficult journey to finally be together, then Heart & Soul is a book you should definitely read and will enjoy while doing it. I hope you enjoy reading this book as I have in writing it.


Page Count: 414
Trim Size: 5 x 8
Date:  10/23/2018
ISBN/SKU: 9781643612447
Publication Date:  10/23/2018

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ISBN/SKU: 9781643612447
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