Detective Earl Solano of the NYPD Narcotics division, is a student in Professor Emma Grant’s creative writing class. He is also part of an investigative team investigating a suspected drug ring on the Queens College campus. Emma Grant was thrilled to have such a big class until she happened upon two students exchanging suspicious looking packages. It didn’t take long before she became involved in the case Detective Solano and his partner are investigating. Romancing the professor while keeping her safe becomes a concern for Det. Solano and his worst fears become a reality when the professor is kidnapped. A distorted voice on the phone instructs him to find drugs that the very dead student in the professors’ class passed onto the professor. He is tasked into finding the drugs, while trying to keep his fears and that of her family that she isn’t among the bodies piling up. Also the bane of every policemen is the intrusion of another agency taking over their case. Earl Solano and his partner Paul Derek must hurry to find the drugs and exchange it before the agents do.


Page Count: 158
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publication Date: 10/16/2018
ISBN/SKU: 9781643612355
Publication Date:  10/16/2018

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