What is “Pastoral Care?” Pastoral Care is differently defined by many authorities. The Encyclopedia of Christianity
defines it as the ministry of care and counseling by pastors, chaplains, and other religious leaders to members of
their church or congregation, or to anyone within institutional settings, with a focus on healing, reconciling, guiding, and sustaining. Kate Stone Lombardi, in her article, titled “Chaplains as Comforters,” in the New York Times of July 20, 2003, says, “While doctors and nurses at the Westchester Medical Center here work on the bodies of patients, there is another group of people – the hospital chaplains, who work with their spirits.” She lists some of the many services provided by the Pastoral Care Giver in a hospital setting as enumerated in my book, and concludes on the note that “Chaplains see human emotions at their raw… They work with people whose bodies are ravaged … These chaplains say that to see a medical crisis brings on a spiritual crisis.”

I have identified a human need of Pastoral Care among the Asante people and Ghanaians as a whole. As a starting point, this book seeks to both highlight the problem and create communal awareness among community and religious and other leaders. From here, I plan to train leaders (volunteers) in basic skills in chaplaincy for visitation to some selected clinics and hospitals in Kumasi (Phase 1).

Under Phase II of my vision, I hope to establish an Ecumenical Pastoral Counseling Center in Kumasi for which reason I have started looking for partners and sponsors within and without the US for support. The Phase III (long term dream) is to establish a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program in Kumasi (Please see Introduction to this book for more understanding of CPE).

Readers who are in interested in supporting the Royal Diadem Pastoral Center project through sponsorship or donation are to contact me at,,, Tel: 773-968-1983(Cell), and 773-363-7889.


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