Caleb slowly walked up the hillside and through the crowd, struggling as he carried a basket of fish and bread. He held tightly to the large basket and walked closer to a man they called John. He quietly listened as this man spoke to another man named Jesus. He heard John call Him Lord and realized He was the One everyone said was the Messiah.

After hearing the group of men telling the Messiah they have no food, a feeling of love swept through Caleb and touched his heart, he looked up at John and held out the large basket of fish and bread, his smile widened with joy as John gently held his head and took the food offering. He watched John turn to Jesus and start to speak with excitement, however his thoughts focused on the voice of his mother calling him in the distance, he turned towards her and started walking through the crowd of people that came to the hillside to see the Messiah.

His thoughts now focused on how to explain to his father why he gave his family’s meal away, after a brief moment he smiled knowing his father would understand the kindness he was taught to share.


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