Operator Kennith J Furgis is a thirty five year old heavy set black male. He was born and raised in the wealthy section of Chicago where he followed his friend Justin Drake into the service of the Western Empires space fleet. After countless cooperate wars, the Earth was divided into numerous empires before the last two remaining empires struggled for Earth and the solar system. Kennith Furgis watched the conflict through the Western Empires side. He also watched his own personal conflict unfold while serving the empire. After his close friend Justin Drake, a forty two year old white male and now captain of the Western Empires famous heavy cruiser SS Hammerhead introduced him to Raynor, his personal troubles grew. Raynor is a beautiful full figured black woman around the same age as Kennith Furgis, and their attraction for each other caused trouble from the start. Kennith Furgis’s feelings for Raynor was strong, strong enough to ignore the signs of future trouble and a wedding was performed. Soon after the conflict on Mars escalated and the planet which was nick named Big Red held the attention of both Empires. The Western Empire was interested in a free Mars with potential for trade and colony establishments, while the Eastern Empire wanted to rule with an iron fist. Raynor Furgis grew compassionate about the freedom of Big Red, causing a conflict in her marriage and Western Empire career. After a bloody war, and troubles of her own with her career, Raynor Furgis decided to assist with rebuilding the society on Big Red. Raynor Furgis left her husband and career behind taking with her Kennith Furgis’s unborn son, Samuel Lafayette Furgis. Kennith Furgis left the Western Empires space fleet after witnessing the attention of both empires aggression grow towards each other as the newly discovered Mortelis ore was found. This ore was used to quickly disperse human kind throughout the solar



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