In Split Second Decision I’s explosive conclusion, Douglas (a well-known criminal consultant) leaves his daughter Anita (a young lawyer) in a spider web he can no longer control, to match wits with Dante (a Black market kingpin). The mind boggling experiences filled with perils, deceit, and hardships that Anita and her family face keep the readers in suspense.
After Anita is apprehended from her home, her family face their own trial and tribulations in their quest in finding their loved one.
Now in the clutches of Dante, Anita is forced to play a game of chess to see who checkmates. Needing a ‘not guilty’ verdict to keep his kingdom, Dante coerces her to be his lawyer by exploiting and drugging her best friend
Carolyn as collateral.
Forced to take a tour of his black market empire, to which brings him much joy, she witnesses his cruel and barbaric ways that repulse her. Her observations of the strength and courage displayed by the captives’ gives her hope that she’ll soon be free to take the man down.
The many experiences she faces teach her to be manipulative and a survivor. The balance of power between Anita and Dante shifts several times in this fast paced action filled ride.


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