Everything changed for Pradeep K. Berry on February 28, 2015.

That was the day his wife of forty-one years, Constance A. “Connie” Berry, died. He’s been mourning ever since, and he seeks to cope with his loss in this tribute to his beloved spouse.

In My Connie, he celebrates their love–a love that would have never happened if he hadn’t left India to go to the United States. He only had seven dollars at the time, and he could not have dreamed that he’d meet a beautiful, intelligent, American wife. The author’s family embraced Connie as soon as they realized she was polite, smart, and self-made. In short order, she became the star of the family. Berry lovingly describes Connie’s qualities, character, and ethics as well as her professional career. He observes that even though he’s been in tremendous pain since she died, he would have never had such a long and happy marriage if he and Connie had not loved each other so much. Connie and Pradeep, both consider themselves as two bodies and one soul. Now, Pradeep is hoping that they will be again two bodies and one soul in the next life.

Join the author as he shares lessons on enjoying a happy marriage and honors the woman who made his dreams come true. His only hope is to make some difference in other woman’s lives and how their husband can make a difference in their lives.


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