Fall Away: A Life Story (Two Moons)

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Publication Date: 12/17/2020
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Page Count: 510

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The Story begins with a dream. The author is only fourteen, but the dream becomes a catalyst in her life. Five years later, her quest begins when she leaves her conventional family in Canada to live in the United States. It’s 1967 when she arrives in Detroit.

It’s a journey of transformation with a strong desire to be true to herself. Her progression from childhood to adulthood includes many diverse experiences, some happy, some sad, but all life changing. It’s her spiritual practices, interest with medicinal herbs and natural healing modalities, and home birthing and homeschooling her children, as well as coming to peace with her past, that begins the slow but steady process

of reinventing herself. Stories of the past are interspersed with those of the present; the struggles, challenges, paranormal experiences, and

enlightening moments. The author’s life comes full circle from her toddler years on a farm in Canada, to intermittent years of city life, to a Thoreau inspired back to the land homestead in Michigan. It ends with her current life in a remote mountainous area of New Mexico, where she and her

husband focus on a self-reliant and sustainable way of living. But it is the solitude and joy of living closely with nature that nourishes and sustains her.