The Spirit Of Liberation: Deep Black Road 2 (Allen Scovil)

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Publication Date: 7/30/2018
Standard Color B&W 6 x 9 in
Page Count:218

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It’s 2079, and young Ricky Sheppard suffers a fatal injury. When he finds himself in limbo,
a mysterious man grants him a ‘great and terrible’ destiny, and sends him back to live as a
robotic human.
Ricky then learns of a vast serpentine evil calling itself the ‘Family,’ which has entwined
itself throughout the world’s power structures, attempting to control the World through the
vast robotic system named Sentinel. But what can he do against such an enemy?
An ambitious general who is terminally ill also gets his life spark transferred into an android
body, and takes advantage of his new life to plan a military coup, attempting to thwart the
Family’s schemes. He’s joined by a roboticized girl, who’d been cut down in a car accident,
who seeks to share in his power.
However, when the Family’s figurehead Prophet declares himself Emperor of the World,
our three robotic people, suddenly thrown together in an improbable alliance, find themselves
on the run from the new order.
Will they find a way to use their unique abilities to trap and behead this snake-like power?
Or will it inflict a fatal bite on them?