The STO Financial Revolution (Alex Nascimento)

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With the contribution of over 30 industry experts, “The STO Financial Revolution” book offers a comprehensive understanding of the global competitive landscape of security tokens and the core concepts of how to develop, issue and market a security token on a Blockchain.


“Next generation capital formation will change the way entrepreneurs and young companies can raise money to fund the next ‘great ideas’. STOs, ICOs, IEOs are key potential avenues for such capital formation, beyond traditional VC and angel investments. Why is this important? Because we need to democratize entrepreneurs’ ability to raise capital effectively and efficiently around the world and for smaller investors to be able to participate in wealth generation, with proper guardrails and rules to protect the consumer. Most people are left out of today’s capital raising infrastructure and the opportunity set for many is limited or zero.”

Sandra Ro – Chief Executive Officer at Global Blockchain Business Council


“ICOs that sold tokens classified as securities under applicable law, or in instances where the tokens were not securities but the offering itself constituted a securities offering, became known as STOs to reflect their attribute as securities or securities offerings.”

Jor Law – Attorney | Entrepreneur | Advisor


“STOs will bring years of understanding of the capital market securities world and legitimize the world of token offerings. We will look back years from now and wonder why the naysayers objected to the benefits which much outweighed the negatives such as earlier liquidity, fewer middlemen and lower cost of listing.”

Juwan Lee – Chairman and Group CEO of NexChange Group (Organiser of Hong Kong Blockchain Week)