Adventures of Moti, A Birdie in a box: Book 7 (Satyanarayana Ganti)


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Moti, the birdie in a box believes in doing good. Visiting nearby park with the family, she spots a vicious dog trying to chase Canadian geese away. One of the baby geese, is so scared she is unable to escape. Moti rushes to the barking dog and starts distracting and her friend Chapal the doe rushes to the gooseling and the baby rides the doe and escapes the vicious dog. The flock of the geese became very friendly with Moti and Chapal and they have a daily meeting. Once Moti rode with the flock of geese and the flock hit a hailstorm and Moti falls of her ride and is carried away far away and almost lands into the open jaws of a vicious crocodile on an island. Her friend Maurice the hawk saw Moti drifting to the open jaws of crocodile and goes away sad that he could nt save his friend. But the birdie in a box is saved miraculously.