Best Tall Tales in Short Stories (Winnfred Smith)


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Publication Date: 1/10/2020
B&W 5.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 140 mm (Demy 8vo)
Page Count: 228


A body dropped by drone in a neighbor’s backyard. A woman returning to her childhood home to bury her past-or rather, unbury it. A surprise visitor who knows more than he should about a small-town convenience store.

Winnfred Smith returns with these stories and more in an all-new collection that crosses the full spectrum of human experience, from love to loss, murder to salvation, reunion to separation. Each story is written with Winnfred’s signature blend of mystery, suspense, and romance, with a touch of humor, that will leave you wanting just one more. Also featured are several true stories of growing up in Griffin, Georgia.

Best Tall Tales in Short Stories delivers just that, ranging from the unbelievable to the all too real, in a journey that’s sure to find a place in your heart.

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