Born in 1968: Childhood (Tang Qian Feng)


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BORN IN 1968: CHILDHOOD is the first one of a 3 volume books. It tells stories from 1968 – 1980 in China.

Wise, funny, and humor, BORN IN 1968 volume ( Childhood/High School/University) are Tang/Qianfeng’s memoir of growing up in China during Mao’s Cultural Revolution to Deng’s Reform and Opening Up. In powerful, simple but detailed artistic black-and-white Chinese traditional comic strip images, Qianfeng tells the story of his life in a small town in China to the life in the most famous university in Beijing, China, from his birth to the age of 23 when he graduated from the university, years that saw the earth shaking changes of the Chinese society, the unique and funny childhood life, and the vivid campus cultural life.