CALL ME STRANGER (George Lambelle)


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“Call Me Stranger” is an escapist fantasy concerns a time-travelling Cat trying to save his previously Good witch after she was misled into becoming Bad. The scenarios cover present day, North Yorkshire and the Tyneside of a thousand years ago. The central Warlock is an unprepossessing, rather boring accountant who has no idea about his Magickal Powers, so the Cat has to organise witches to make him to realise his skills. The problems come from clashes of personality between the principal characters. One witch is a kleptomania, another a dipsomania, another a smelly gypsy medium in a sacking dress held together with rope. There is also a time travelling dwarf, who met the Cat while lost in Limbo and is adopted by the Cat (with support from the others) and becomes a deputy leader under instruction from the Cat (who doesn’t speak) and a child temptress when a beautiful adult woman on the odd occasion. This is when she can inspire great things from the highly strung Warlock. Singing and flying forest animals enjoy life with the help of the witch, but lord of the manor who has fallen for the Witch, ends up liaising with Cedric the Executioner and a wily, failed royal servant, gets into the mix to wreck things on all sides. By the way, “Magick” has extraordinary powers, whereas “magic” has not!!