Core Mathematics Principles (Aloysius Aseervatham)




Problem-solving in mathematics is the application of theory and concepts to a given situation. Mastering this skill distinguishes the more successful students from their peers.

But to excel in mathematics, practice is key.

Students must practice solving problems; many problems. The problems must be varied, with different parameters, knowns, unknowns and constraints, for students to flexibly exercise their foundational knowledge and build confidence in applying mathematical techniques.

While there are ample resources to find such problems, and the final answers to these problems, many students report difficulty in finding enough illustrative problems, of broad variability, with step-by-step solutions, to guide their thinking.

Without a wide array of worked solutions, a student’s ability to self-teach problem-solving is limited. The purpose of this book is to put the considerable power of self-study back into students’ hands.

In addition to the basic mathematical concepts and principles, this book provides, in a structured form, over 500 worked examples that students can use, follow and practice upon to improve their mastery of mathematics.