Edge of A Fantasy and Other Poems: Al Borde De Una Fantasia Y Otros Poemas (New Edition) – (Gil Saenz)


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Publication Date: 11/18/2020
Trim Size: 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 118


“In this latest compilation of poetry from Saenz, fifty poems about love, hope, peace, nature and meditation are collected for the reader’s enjoyment. Each of these poems is printed in a side-byside nature, with the original English on the left and a Spanish version translated by both the author and his brother (who holds a doctorate in foreign language education) to ensure that the meaning and detail intended is not lost in translation. The overall themes of this collection are tranquil and reflective, even with titles like “Vagabonds” and “Human Struggles.” Finding beauty in every moment and circumstance, Saenz captures these moments of peace and frames them in contemplative thought to share with the reader.”

– US Review of Books

“As a whole, this poetic collection comprises a vast variety of inner reflections, both lucid in expression and stimulating in depiction. Stocked with one hundred poems, what is especially engaging about this work is that it is presented in a bilingual format, which smartly allows it to reach and entertain a far vaster readership. Each poetic composition appears firstly as the English version and then the Spanish version follows consecutively, however, no matter which language the poems appear in, they still resonate artfully with a soulful authenticity.”

– Pacific Book Review

Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems is a book of approximately fifty poems written in English and Spanish side by side in a bilingual format.