Faith Your Seventh-Sense (Humphrey O. Akparah )


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Publication Date: 1/11/2019
B&W 6 x 9 in
Page Count:246


Dear Reader
I have good news to share with you. It’s all about this very exciting, informative and life-changing book “FAITH YOUR SEVENTH SENSE.” This book has changed the faith-life of many people and I guarantee it will do the same for you. Many people of faith are struggling with how to understand what faith really is, let alone applying it to their situations.

This book defines and explains faith unlike any other book on the subject that I have read. It describes faith as your highest sense-ability. Above and beyond other sense instruments or organs such as sight, smell, feel, taste and hearing; faith combines all these other senses in the exercise of its functions. Faith can see, hear, touch, smell, speak, walk, believe and act.

The Seventh-Sense Faith is for Empowerment: Without faith, you could not even get out of bed in the morning. There is faith in every decision-making, risk-taking, faith for confident personality, faith for healing, faith for emotional stability. There is faith to trust and not to fear, faith to receive the answer to prayer, faith for forgiveness, faith to accumulate wealth and faith to succeed…Failure needs no faith.

The Seventh–Sense Faith is for surfing the wonderful and limitless worlds of the imaginative faculties within you. Faith empowers personal development, achievement, success, creativity, spiritual growth and much more. It is a beautiful but gentle supernatural and emotional faculty that makes everything possible.

Without Faith There Is No Success Ever. Faith controls the Six ‘D’s of Success: desire, decision, determination, dedication, definiteness of purpose and discipline. Faith is the catalyst in every success. And because faith is also spiritual, it possesses supernatural abilities of its own. It can and does harness and/or over-rides the other physical senses in the exercise of its role.

The Seventh-sense is for Supernatural Experience. For instance, a blind man who cannot see physical things can see spiritually with the eyes of faith. And likewise, a faith-blind person who can see everything in the physical may not be able to see or know supernatural things. The Seventh-sense is for you if you want to experience the supernatural. It is only through faith that we can transcend our physical limitations and surf the limitless world of the spirit.

The reason many Christians have not attained the level of oneness with God is because of shallow, half-hearted understanding of faith. The seventh-sense faith is the undiscovered, underdeveloped, and under-utilized sense-ability that can change your life if you tap into it, develop and use it. Faith is higher than miracles because it existed before miracles and produces the miraculous.

Faith works miracles. The things you need to know about faith is now put together in one place for you. In fact, this book is the only place you can find such a groundbreaking analysis of faith as your seventh sense. You can even perform healing miracles yourself. No other gift or fruit of the Spirit can stand or work without faith. The Power of Faith is available to you now as you embark on reading this book.

Faith is the Ultimate Gift from God. This is a must-have book. This book is powerful, revelatory and thought-provoking. The chapters are short, accurate and to the point. This will be one of the best books you’ve ever read. Get your copy now and begin experiencing the power of your own seventh sense.

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