This book is a continuation of “Core Mathematics Principles” published in 2019. Through providing step by step workings, the books are made attractive to those students who yearn to hone their mathematical skills. With a variety of questions and helpful solutions, the two books are invaluable to students for their easy understanding of the topics taught and for building their confidence in applying the numerous mathematical concepts and formulas.

The writing is eloquent, professional, and explanatory, revealing the author’s expertise as a teacher. The author explains in detail the principles involved in each topic covered to help the students understand each lesson easily, before providing exercises. For each problem in the book, the author has incorporated wonderful organization and order with the weakest of students in mind. The author breaks down any difficult steps involved in a solution to ensure that the students can comfortably comprehend the process.

Without a wide array of worked solutions, a student’s ability to self-teach problem solving is limited. These books put the considerable power of self-study back into the students’ hands.
ALOYSIUS ASEERVATHAM B.Sc., FCMA, CPA is an accomplished author of books not only in Mathematics and Accounting but also in Religion, Languages and other areas of general interest. He is a teacher with nearly 50 years’ experience in delivering knowledge and skills to high school mathematics students as well as business students in Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa.