Fusheeswa (John H. Bidwell)


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Publication Date: 10/22/2019
B&W 5.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 140 mm
Page Count: 178


Life is a fragile yet persistent miracle. No one knows this more than John Dreamer. As a cancer survivor he lives each day with the gratitude it deserves – but also a haunting debt to his amazing oncology nurse who somehow keeps him alive.

How can he ever thank her? He has no idea of the secret burden she carries. What his nurse does has not only keeps him alive but sparks a supernatural dreaming ability. Under the right conditions he can join people in their dreams and help heal their lives.

When John has a dream of his own- of a soulmate pleading with him to find her- he faces his ultimate mission, and a haunting prospect of paying back an impossible debt.

John will need to find his deepest faith, redefine the impossible, and most of all discover Fusheeswa.

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