Gimme Shelter Part Four (Kevin O’Neal)


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Publication Date: 2/26/2020
B&W 8.5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm
Page Count: 166


Sandra O’Shea shows up to school early to beat the crowd and see the science exhibits before the crowd shows up. Three wild girls Audrey Karos (the mayor’s daughter), Brenda McMillan and Jane Talley enter the gym putting their hands on the exhibits and banging into tables. Sandra gets worried and tells them to grow up. The three bullies beat Sandra up and throw her into a closet. It isn’t much longer before Sandra learns to defend herself and stars in the boxing ring. This is the story of Sandra’s fight for freedom. Sandra’s freedom from bullies is attained from a series of fistfights; however her freedom from depression doesn’t end until her late forties.

Sandra: Why don’t the three of you grow the hell up!!!

Audrey: Why don’t you make me tater tot.

Brenda: Lookout, Sandy is getting hot.

Jane: Yeah, she might kick our a**es.

Sandra: Go to hell and get away from those projects.

Audrey: Move back, I want to break the project in front of you.

Sandra: No, I got here first and I’m looking at it.

Audrey: We’ll kick your a** b*tch.

Sandra: No you won’t.

Audrey: Let’s kick her a** girls. (They beat Sandra up badly giving her a black eye, bloody nose, bloody mouth, and a bad bruise from a kick in the chest.) The three girls throw Sandra into the closet banging on it and calling her closet girl and nerd and tell her not to come out until they leave. The school nurse calls Sandra’s parents to pick her up and take her home. When she gets home, Sandra asks her parents Dr. John O’Shea and Sherrie O’Shea if she can take up self defense.