Glimpses of Grace for Jewish Eyes: Exploring the Grace of God in the Book of Hebrews (Charles Tarrell)


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Publication Date: 5/21/2020
Trim Size: 6 x 9 (229mm x 152mm)
Page Count: 128


The Christian faith, in its original form, was a very Jewish phenomenon. The first book in the Christian Scriptures refers to the Jewish Scriptures 125 times. The last book of the Christian Bible is famous for its countless references to the Jewish Bible. But, the most Jewish book in the Christian Bible is, of course, the Book of Hebrews, an anonymous first century book addressed to Jews and packed with Jewish history and Old Testament quotations. The heart of the Christian faith is a revolutionary concept: grace. The Christian doctrine of salvation by the grace of God is what makes Christianity unique among the religions of the world. The authentic Christian message is “the gospel of the grace of God” According to the New Testament, one of the primary attributes of God is grace. In Glimpses of Grace For Jewish Eyes Tarrell explores the seven occurrences of the word grace in the Book of Hebrews. Here are seven crucial issues for every Christian, all seven seen through the lens of grace.