History of Cordoba (Antonio Jaén Morente)


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Translated into English

First published in 1921 by the highly distinguished Spanish Republican professor as a textbook for students. This translation is of the fourth edition of the HISTORY OF CORDOBA, the last one the author corrected and annotated before his death in 1964. It is also the first of his works to be translated.

Antonio Jaén’s intense love of Cordoba is evident on every page. A born teacher, he strove to transmit this passion to everyone he encountered, whether as a teacher, author, diplomat or politician, at home or during his extensive travels to the Americas and to the Far East.

Fellow historians, past and present, stress the importance of this work, his scholarship and the manner in which the author speaks directly to the reader as he delves into the history of Cordoba, from pre-history to the beginning of the 20th century.