HITLER’S GRAIL (Louis Charlebois)


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Hitler’s Grail tells of the invasion of France by Germany in 1940 and of the search by the SS for the Holy Grail in the south of France. A newly formed French Resistance of army and air force regulars chases the SS from France to the heart of Nazi Germany with an abundance of intrigue and military action. The return trip is even more spectacular with the Resistance capturing a Uboat and sailing it from the Baltic to Spain while under attack from the Kriegsmarine and the Royal Navy. But Hitler’s Grail tells much more, It describes the little known fact that the greatest of Roman Emperors, Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor, forced together the sun religion of the Roman Army and Christianity to form the Catholic Church. And that’s where the Holy Grail comes in. The Emperor was head of the army (Imperator) and also head of the army sun religion (Pontifex Maximus). The symbol of the Pontifex Maximus was the cup he used to preside over that religion’s communion ceremony, performed with bread, water and wine 300 years before the first recorded Catholic Mass. The sun god used it to grant salvation to his faithful soldiers – salvation without moral judgement – and that’s why Hitler wanted it. Read Hitler’s Grail as a World War II thriller, it does move along, and you will almost certainly find some military-political facts you didn’t know. Read Hitler’s Grail as a statement of the history of Christianity and you will encounter an undeniable historical record never heard from the pulpit.