How-To Guide For Planning Assistance Or Services For Seniors (Rita Grady BN BVE MSHCA)


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YOUR LIFE IS CHANGING! When you realize the ability to care for yourself and/or your property has slipped away, this is a big change. Or worse yet, someone else has decided you need in-home help. This document is meant to act as guidance to take away unnecessary dread and worry as you find yourself in need of acquiring in-home or residential services. As with all life changing events, you may have used a ‘how-to’ checklist when you got married, had a baby, or some complicated event. The purpose of this document is to make available a printed copy for individuals planning to engage private or agency services in or around a family residence. We are talking to you as the “Captain of the ship”, the householder, or the person needing assistance. OK, Captain, let’s set off!