I Can’t See Me Either (Greg Bier)


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Best friends and brothers Dean and Rick Walker need a vacation, Dean’s job as a local policeman and Rick’s computer business ensure steady incomes, but life is slow and, well, boring. Rick suggests a tropical adventure on exotic Himmel Island where the women outnumber the men five to one—to add a little zest to their lives.

But their high hopes for happiness are dashed when their charter boat captain dumps them off at the wrong island—and even worse, it’s deserted. Rick and Dean must try to survive until the captain’s scheduled return in six days. Curiously, Rick’s discovery of some unusual berries leaves him in a highly unusual condition—he’s become invisible.

What ensues is a hilarious story of Rick’s Struggle to cope with his newfound “talent.” When the brothers return to their hometown of Vaglooshi, Mississippi, Rick seeks new ways to make himself useful around town. He manages to slip onto a movie set, befuddle a college quarterback, thwart an attempted robbery, and convince a street beggar to clean up and find a job. But Dean finds a better use for Rick’s invisibility than mischief. An illegal drug is circulating the streets, and Dean need Rick’s special ability to help him crack the case.