I Once Had a Tiger (Anne Hunter Logue)


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Publication Date: 5/25/2020
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11 (280mm x 216mm)
Page Count: 70


The book is told as a story about a little girl facing her fears in the form of a tiger. The tiger has many forms and she must learn to handle the “tiger” or her fears so that she can move forward and not be afraid. Little people have many fears that they face when growing up and this story is relatable to every young child. I have asked some of the children in my life to help me illustrate the book and their expression of the tigers in their lives have lent a special significance to this book. I found as I received the illustrations that each tiger had a story and why it was relevant to the artist. I am honored to have been assisted by the originality and creativity of the children who helped me bring this book to life and I hope it helps children to process some of the fears that they experience.