IT’S IN THE LEAVES (Patricia Gruenwald)


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“Have you ever thought that you’d like to learn to read tea leaves like I do?” Stella asked her young daughter—the focus and fierce heart of the story—Tessa. While Tessa was young, her mother taught her to read tea leaves and to use her intuition. Readers are invited to witness how Tessa’s extraordinary life unfolds in author Patricia Gruenwald’s novel, It’s in the Leaves.

This stirring fiction follows a woman’s life through her childhood, her teaching, her marriage, her two children, and her divorce-using tea leaves to help her make decisions. Throughout the pages, readers will witness her encounters as she brings her children up alone until they become teens. Then, she meets an oil man whim she follows to different parts of the world. Readers will revel in wonder as Tessa describes the different places she has been and the people she has met.

Insightful, compelling, and entertaining, It’s in the Leaves is ultimately a tale of intuition, of family, of self-discovery, of an adventure that spans different horizons, and of the pursuit of love. For more information on this book, on to