Late Great Romance (Angelo Thomas Crapanzano)


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Publication Date: 12/30/2019
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 158


Late Great Romance is a fictional novel about the life and romances of Leonardo Corello, known as just Leo. As a young man, Leo decided that he wanted to be an Electronic Engineer. The Leo stated to date a girl that lived next door named Tina. They dated as friends. After graduating Leo got accepted as a student at Cleveland State University. The first year of college Leo continued to date Tina. After the first year, Leo, being a part of Co-op program, was sent to Sandusky to work. there he met Irene. He dated Irene the next two summers. After graduating Leo go a job as an instructor at Akron University. He then realized how much he loved Tina. He bought an engagement ring and decided to propose to Tina. Tina turned him down at first because she was ill and not expected to live not more than two years. Leo talked her into marriage. They were very happy together. Tina gave Leo two wonderful children. They lived a very happy joyful live for sixteen years before God called Tina home. Leo lived a very lonely live after the children grew up and left for collage. Leo used his spare time to write novels

Several years later, as he was on his way to a store, he was held up in heavy traffic. He looked at the drive way coming out of the mall parking area and saw a beautiful woman in a car trying to come out onto the road. Leo was overwhelmed at her beauty. He let her out onto the road. As they waited at a street light, a car coming out of a cross road hit her car on the driver’s side. Leo jumped out of his car and pulled her out of her car. She was not breathing and had no heartbeat. It was Leo’s unrelenting effort pushing down on her chest that brought her back to life. They became friends. However she was getting a divorce. Since both were Born Again Christians they realized that there was no future for them. After many months together she decided to give her husband another chance. Was this the end of the romance between Leo and her? An unexpected turn of events answered that question.

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