LIFE’S JOURNEY: A Search for the Purpose of Life with an Argument for the New Revelations (Marlenne Schilperoord)


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Life’s Journey, is part autobiography and part theological treatise alerting readers to the New Revelations and making the case that God’s prophecy did not stop with the writings of the Bible. The writer uses a systematic approach to her argument, balancing quoted material from New Revelation prophets and scholars with exposition, history, and personal experience. Pointing out abuses in and deficiencies of the Christian church throughout the centuries, she makes the case that new insight is needed to revive the Christian faith, which, according to her view, has been perverted by people whose motives were selfish and impure, which goes against the teaching of Christ. In asking her readers to return to the source, Christ himself, and to consider the New Revelations, she is asking for nothing less than a reenvisioning of the Christian faith and the Christian church with the ultimate goal of the salvation of souls here and in the life to come.