Persian Etymology with Indo-European Cognates (Dr. Ali Nourai)


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This Etymological dictionary presents the complex derivation of words in simple family tree charts. They help us see the derivation of words at a glance and follow their spread in different languages. The charts also show the earlier or original meanings of words that could help us understand the roots of some of our present social trends and attitudes. The words for father in Indo-European languages, for example, come from roots meaning “protector of the family”. Some other roots tell us that the role of mothers was to feed, brothers had to carry the family load and daughters were expected to milk their farm animals.

The charts in this dictionary show derivation of over 9400 Persian and other Iranian words along with their 5800 cognates in Indo-European languages. Due to the exchange of words with other languages, more than 1400 cognates in Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish and other languages are also included in these charts.