Princess Awakening (K.C. Sunshine)


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When Annie, a tall, beautiful, blonde orphan, goes to college, she dreams only of becoming a teacher one day. Its all her heart has wanted for as long as she can remember. But when she meets Johnnie, her heart suddenly dares to dream of moreromance, adventure, and true love.

Their fresh, new love is exciting and filled with the greatest promise the heart can envision, but even that is not enough to keep them safe in a world filled with distraction.

Young love is never simple, and the two—despite all they have in common—find themselves facing heartache and uncertainty as the days pass. Come share their seemingly endless day-to-day challenges, as they both seek to find recovery from their sadness and their tears, as well as their deep, emotional fears.

Is Johnnie holding a secret from his lady? Their memories and their darkest secrets keep getting in the way of their happiness. Some feel a few of those secrets should forever remain hidden, while others believe they need to be revealed. As the two meet and fall in love, only time will tell what price must they both pay to know true love—and whether Annie will gain her true princess awakening.