Silverstreams Full of Love Volume 2 (Raymond Bridges)


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Again we have reached a new era in English where the value of each poem written for posterity can be preserved word. English is a language in which you can understand the meaning of love interpret so that everyone who reads it will change their views and thoughts – as summarized in this second collection of poems which succeeds in to seduce the reader through the sadness, happiness and expressions of Raymond Bridges. The poems contain touching descriptions of the love and suffering that everyone experiences every day. To read the work with insight, sometimes brings a tear because it is a reflection of the love that Solomon set out so beautifully many times in Scripture. It is sometimes not possible to really follow what such poems are about is not written but in each of them the message is clear set out, that man is here to express this love of God live here in our infinite. Here are also poems written with imagination and has to do with the fantasy that sometimes one’s dreams go ahead. Some of the names used in the volume are fictional characters, created by the author during the compilation of the atmosphere of each poem in the silence of the early morning.