The Definitive Guide to Recognizing and Avoiding Romantic Relationship Scammers & Catfishers: Everything you wanted to know about Romantic Scammers (But did not know who to ask) ( M.D. Rev. Winn Henderson)


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Publication Date: 1/14/2019
B&W 5 x 8 in
Page Count:272


There are basically two types of scammers that you need to know about. The first is the “homegrown” scammer who is a real person and with whom you have an opportunity to meet face to face. Now this type of scammer can also be catfishing you, but the actual person is real and could possibly meet you.

The second type of scammer that I am writing about in this book is the professional international criminal scammer with you will never have an opportunity to meet because the catfishing that he uses is not real.

After you determine that you are not being scammed, this book invites you to get to know the potential match over the telephone by discussing 100 different questions. It allows you to determine how well connected you are.

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