The Denial of Reverse Racism in America (Ed.D Ph.D. Bergantino)


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Publication Date: 7/14/2020
Trim Size: 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 88


This book is intended to help Black people – particularly those in administrative positions at the top for treating White people at the bottom of the totem pole while doing in the best and brightest of their own Black children and FALSELY BLAMING IT ON WHITES so as to provide a psychotic protection game of Blacks that both do in their own youth and never roll over on any Black brother or sister that reminds them of 200 years of slavery while at the same time PRETENDING TO BE FAIR BY USING “GUILT” AS A MANIPULATION TO JUSTIFY KEEPING WHITE BOY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TOTEM POLE! The solution is simple but not easy! “Black Boy has to stop blaming and laying guilt trips on Modern White Boy for his forefathers’ sins! This needs IMMEDIATE CORRECTION… IF WHITE BOY IS NOT TO BUILD SUCH PRIMITIVE SUBCONSCIOUS RESENTMENT THAT YOU GET ONE NEWSLINE AFTER THE OTHER THAT “WHITE BOY” COP SHOOTS BLACK TWELVE YEAR OLD KID IN THE BACK. ***WITHOUT THIS BOOK ALL THE PEACEFUL PROTESTS AND CRIMINALLY INFECTED RACE RIOTS AND LOOTING WILL MAKE NON-SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCES!

This book provides an interim step for both Blacks and Whites to examine their own underlying racial thoughts and feelings in a manner that brings the subconscious and the unconscious more to the surface in a way that helps the reader find ongoing solutions to deal with the primitive remnants of crimes committed through two hundred years of slavery! For example, I was getting done in by a waiter in Koln, Germany of Italian descent in 1990 in an Italian restaurant and the owner said the waiter (30 years old) hated Americans because General Patton killed all his living relatives when coming through Italy in 1944! The fact these were family members who he never met personally made no difference at all. To this waiter THE PAST IS THE PRESENT IS THE FUTURE AND THEY ARE NOW!