The King Said: Learn From Me (Dr. Walter Koch)


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Publication Date: 11/18/2020
Trim Size: 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 176


Learning from King Jesus is a very broad concept. King Jesus’ life and teachings encompass more than what we can grasp in a year or even a lifetime. However, this book highlights key principles that will help us to understand and manifest the power of the Kingdom in our lives.

On this journey of learning from King Jesus you can expect to learn: your significance as a Kingdom Citizen, ways to manifest your Kingdom potential, the importance of sharing the Kingdom message with those you encounter, and how to live free of religious burden. By learning from King Jesus, you will come to know the true source of your peace and prosperity, understand your relationship with your creator, the King of the universe, and discover your purpose as a Kingdom Citizen.

When we give people the message of the Kingdom, we can help them envision a better life. The stories, parables, illustrations and teachings of King Jesus constitute the best lessons we can offer to others. King Jesus said, “Learn from Me”!

You will learn how to elevate your mind and triumph over fear, insecurity, condemnation and poverty. You will learn the power and privileges of being a Citizen of the Kingdom of God, the benefits of serving others and the importance of having an impact on your world and future generation.

This book is a masterpiece and a must read for the entire world. The issues for mankind can be solved by applying the principles in the book. Dr. Walter Koch is a true voice for this generation.

Amb. Clyde Rivers

President and founder of I Change Nations