The Lady with the Purple Hat: A Novel ( Otilia Greco )


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Publication Date: 3/11/2019
B&W 5.83 x 8.27 in or 210 x 148 mm (A5)
Page Count:164


Daisy left her husband, Bernard, to create a new life for herself. But now as their divorce proceedings continue to drag on and Bernard battles terminal cancer, Daisy determinates she would rather be his widow than his ex-wife and decides play with fate.

With her insane strategy, to not be recognized by wearing a large purple hat to disguise her face, Daisy glides through the hospital corridors, hell-bent on poisoning her husband. With her plan foiled, Daisy rushes out of the room as she transforms from the hunter into the hunted. Daisy retreats into her memories, unaware that a surprise is waiting.

The story is compelling in it being the tale of how an innocent, young Daisy grows to become an insane person. In this contemporary thriller, the dark tale changes from its gothic tone and lifts toward the ending, giving renewed faith in the human spirit with its surprising ending.

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