The Relevance of Belief in Cancer Treatment (Fernando Urioste)


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Relevance offers help and provides hope to people that are overwhelmed by an “I have cancer awakening.” Fernando Urioste story shows that the medical sciences and technology play a significant role in the healing process but do not exist in a vacuum. They are part of a multidimensional belief consciousness that emerges, coalescing to help the afflicted individual’s fight for his or her life. Having experienced this in the flesh, Fernando hopes that his tale helps demonstrate to others the positive spirit needed for the healing process to succeed when fighting cancer.

Relevance is not a technical book about cancer or a manual on cancer treatments available. Rather, it is a tale of the spiritual side on the difficult healing journey that an afflicted person undertakes when treating cancer, about the importance of the support provided by family and friends, about the belief that one’s future is not lost, faith in God’s Providence, and of most importance, one’s desire to live. All of this against the backdrop of the amazing medical science and technology administered by doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff of the institutions that provide cancer treatment.