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Featured Author

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As a writer of Christian books, the author does not rely on Bible school or Seminary degrees bust rather a lifelong love and appreciation for the scriptures including a diligence in studying them and researching topics brought to light by the Bible. Having backgrounds in commercial banking and law as paralegal insights are abundant into the operation of this present fallen world system. With the testimony of scripture and my experience in the secular world I have obtained deep insights into the religious , economic and political systems as they are operative in the world system in contrast to the many truths in scripture which contrasts this paradigm with the truths of the Bible. Deep studies in the area of prophecy provide an accurate view and understanding of world developments and its inevitable cataclysmic end. Christian Zionism lies as a major hindrance to the ability to rightly discern the signs of the times.It’s roots are in the very popular Scofield Reference Bible.

Book Collection

Christian Zionism and the Scofield Reference Bible: A Critical evaluation of Dispensational Theology
The Israel Deception: Biblically Exposing the False Agenda for a NEW WORLD ORDER

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