Everyone else out there is busy writing superb stories of how their publishing company came about. If you think you would find our story here, prepare to be disappointed.

Westwood Books Publishing LLC’s story could not be found on this page, nor could it be found in each letter combination, punctuation mark, or image in this website. For seventeen fruitful years of literary and publishing experience, we have created countless intangible stories that no amount of eloquent writing can rival with.

Our bond with our authors are our stories.

Each book featured on our bookstore features a unique Westwood Books story of its own—a story between a writer’s dream and how we helped them achieve it by working through each step, hand in hand. From editing to cover and layout design, to printing, distribution, and marketing—we offer nothing less than our 100 percent.

Reading about other people’s success stories won’t help your book reach its highest potential. We can. Be part of our story now.


Featured Author

Mary A. Kurban

style: Juvenile Fiction

Mary A. Kurban earned a Doctor of Education degree from Pepperdine University at Malibu, California. She served as principal of an elementary parochial school for 19 years. She spends her retirement painting watercolor landscapes and playing classical music on the piano.




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