Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing


The internet has become the most popular selling platform with the widest reach. Getting your manuscript to reach local and international book lovers as well as expanding your presence as an online author is what we’ll help you with. From search engine optimization to social media management this service will help you get a higher amount of online recognition.


Website Services

Having your personal website connects you to book lovers all over the world all the time. It’s one of the most efficient ways to link your online audience with your manuscript. Developing a solid internet presence for you is critical when looking at the wide number of internet users around the world, no matter if you are a tech savvy or not.

Social Media Account Management

Being an author is quite demanding work, leaving you no extra time to fully manage and take care of the multiple social media platforms that people rely on. Having an expert to handle these affairs insures you have a constant online presence in your media account and they will create posts in your behalf. Personally working with you to make sure that every post is consistent with you as an author and the book gets to the targeted audience. Having a professional and experienced social media strategists to work with you helps you avoid the time consuming tasks of constantly having to update your different accounts giving you more free time to focus on other areas to improve your book’s sales.

3 months

Creating a strong start with your books initial promotion through three months of working with our social media strategists to promote your book online.

6 months

Half a year with our social media strategists can help you familiarize with the online media platforms that work with your book to promote online sales.

9 months

A longer time of online presence and sound medial strategy decisions will help your manuscript build better and wider connections with followers and subscribers in your social media.

12 months

A full year of working with our social media strategists ensures that you are familiar with connecting thru these platforms as a way to promote book sales and gain a large of following of audiences who are constantly visiting these social media sites.

Book Trailer without Voice Over

A short video about the book and its contents will give the targeted audience a brief video overview of what to expect in the book. This personalized and professionally edited video highlights the content of the manuscript and the author’s intentions as well. Getting this kind of services generates interest with book lovers that usually have a little time to read through the reviews and just want a visual clue of what to expect.

Book Trailer with Voice Over

Getting professional to narrate over the short video presentation adds more depth and personal touch to the manuscript. The voice over will be done to add the highlights needed to create interest in your manuscript.

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