Online Publicity Campaign

Online Publicity Campaign

Information is a powerful tool and these days information can be accessed from any given source. It could be from a newspaper, radio, television or the Internet. Nowadays people have access to the Internet. They use for just about anything from ordering clothes or food to buying books. Westwood can make it easier for your target audience to search and locate your book/s online. With our online publicity campaign, not only can we isolate your book but we will be using a funnel system which can help transform a common web visitor to a book buyer. Please contact your consultant to get more information.

Google Ad presence
3 Months
3 Months
Guaranteed placement within campaign period
Top 8
Top 4
Bi-monthly reporting
Ability to change campaign details
Website Design
Advanced Website
Advanced Website
Social media account management
Free Access to your eCommerce Order
Free Access to your Payment Order System Page
Search Engine Optimization

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