Special Events

Special Events


Limiting yourself to traditional advertising also limits the number of audiences that your book can get. The best recommendation comes from the word of mouth and attending these events help you gather those of same interests and help build personal connections that will get your booked recognized with an audience interested in reading your manuscript


Book Exhibit

The Combined Book Exhibit is one of the largest gatherings of book lovers. With 85-years of reputation it’s ability to draw the trust between publishers, librarians and educators becomes a highly beneficial boost to your books popularity. Interacting between like minded and possible book buyers gives your book an added advantage when showcased along others. The combined book exhibit draws attention to your manuscript where interested parties can buy your book. Combined with other media and marketing strategies this can create maximum exposure for your work.

Book Signing

Meeting your audience face-to-face through participating in a book signing or showing it on a gallery at major book gathering events. With hundreds and thousands of avid readers participating in these events, connecting with your fans becomes an important aspect in word of mouth recommendations and meeting them helps build your credibility as an author.

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