Expedited Service

If you need your book to be published quickly, we will prioritize your project and make sure to pair you with a design team that can help you complete your book in 45 days after your complete submission of materials. This will apply to titles that are print ready, books that do not require data entry service and copyediting service.

Hardback Availability
Produced on the highest-quality paper stock and bonded for durability and shelf life, our hardback editions are one of a kind. Embossed into the spine of the hardback book will be your name or pen name and the title of your book.

*Complete name and title of the book will not reflect on the spine due to word count limitations.

A unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to your hardback book will be assigned and will make it available online for sale.

Finding errors, putting additional pages, or repelling some contents inside your book after being published is still possible. We can apply your corrections and resubmit the file to the printer and replace the old version of the book for future copies for an additional fee.

Bookstore Returnability Program
Get your book tagged as “Returnable” in Ingram’s and Baker & Taylor’s ordering system for retailers and libraries online.  Booksellers will hesitate to acquire and stock copies of your books when they aren’t “returnable.” If gaining a placement of your book on physical stores is part of your marketing strategy, then the returnability service is best for you.





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