Design and Image Feature
Advance Cover design
Advance Interior design
Ability to control design of books interior and cover layout.
Image Insertion included 15 images 25 images 50 images 100 images
Production Feature
Availability in Paperback
Availability in Hardback -
Availability in Ebook
Backcover Writing -
Copy Editing Service -
Rounds of correction 1 round(25 corex) 1 round(50 corex) 2 rounds(50 corex) 2 rounds(50 corex)
Electronic Galley
Post Publication Feature
1 Paperback Author Copy
1 Hardback Author Copy -
Free Paperback Copies 8 10 15 30
Free Hardback Copies - 5 8 15
ISBN Registration
U.S. Copyright Registration -
Library of Congress Registration
Worldwide Distribution
Quarterly Royalty Payment
100% Lifetime Royalty
Bookstore Returnability Program
Website Service - - Basic Website Advanced Website
Book Agent - - 9 months 12 Months
Disclaimer: The cost of the publishing programs do include the copies of the book but the shipping and handling will be calculated and collected after your book is made available for sale.
Element Style
Accent Color